Most people would like to improve their financial situation. I help them create a plan to achieve their goals.  

What does financial coaching look like?

We will determine your goals and create a plan to get there. As your coach, I will walk with you alongside your plan.  My goal is to inject hope and encouragement along the way as well as provide accountability in sticking to the plan.

First Session

We will get an accurate assessment of the entire financial situation. We will then determine what the goals are. In determining the goals, we are going to look to make sure we get specific with the goals. For example: save X amount of money for kids college by a specific date.  What do we have to do each month to get there? 

There might be other goals that we also need to consider to fit into the plan and make space to accomplish them as well. 

– replacing a car

– a home renovation

– paying off a debt

– anything else that is a priority to your family

We will discuss your budget, identifying any places that a change may better support the goals and plan that you

 have created. I am going to help hold you to it and I will challenge you(but only with love and respect).

We will also try to identify certain areas that might be likely to take us off track. How can we prepare for those and have a defensive strategy?


There will be homework prior to the next session. After each session, I will provide you with a coaching feedback form. I will include a summary of what we discussed along with the behaviors you plan to implement and actions that you will complete prior to our next session.

Second Session

We will check in to see how we have done on the plan so far. We will talk about the challenges and celebrate the successes. We will then review the homework and work through some additional items such as insurances, wills and other items that may be relative to your situation.

There will be more homework.

Additional Sessions

Subsequent sessions will be checking in to see how the plan is going. We will again celebrate the successes and address any new obstacles or challenges.

The first two sessions might be a week or two apart.  Later sessions might be monthly. If after the third or fourth session we feel you are all set, we would end our regular meetings. We can always add another session down the road(maybe 6 months later) to check-in or tackle anything new.

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