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You don’t have to live with that nagging doubt…

Most couples start out life together with big dreams. Starting a family, growing their careers, buying a starter home and working towards a dream home. As you try to chip away at these dreams, life quickly gets busier and busier. Suddenly being too busy has become your excuse not to have a plan. One day you look up and find you’re not making as much progress toward your goals as you had envisioned. Or maybe you never even started.

With a Personal Finance Coach you’ll no longer have to:

  • Wonder if you and your spouse have the same goals.
  • Worry that you’re not making progress towards your goals.
  • Think it’s too late to plan for your (or your kids’) financial future.
  • Fear that everyone else is doing better than you.
Are you ready to make a change?

Here’s how to get started with Your Personal Finance Coach

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1. Schedule a no-risk, Free Consultation

In a 15 – 30 minute call, we will discuss your goals and situation. You’ll gain an understanding of your options and whether investing in coaching is a good fit for you.

working towards financial well being as a couple

2. Start your journey to financial well-being

Most couples start with a 3 or 6 month coaching plan. With regular meetings, we’ll work through a custom path created based on where you want to go.

celebrate your financial well being together.

3. truly live as you experience freedom

Everyone’s journey is unique. Some of the successes our clients have shared with us have been:

  • Greater unity in their marriage
  • Creating an attainable financial plan
  • Setting and achieving their money goals

One Time Sessions

When you have a big decision to make or a major life change you might want some additional expert insights. Other times you just need a financial tune up. Consider a one time session:

Married Couple Session

You might be newly married, expecting a baby, or just trying to get better at setting goals and working together. A married couple session is perfect for you.

Home Buying Session

Buying a home can be stressful. We will work together so that you have the knowledge you need and a sound plan to make the process stress free.

Long-Term Planning Session

Long-term financial need, such as retirement planning or kids’ college tuition, is daunting. We will identify your goals and create a plan you can execute with confidence.

Financial Coaching to create aligned values and goals.
The time we spent working with Paul has helped create new habits and behaviors for us as a couple. We budget and meet regularly, align on values and hold each other accountable.
J. Q. & E.Q.
Mid-30s Married Couple | 6+ Months Coaching Plan | Priorities: A better financial plan & processes
Years experience
Paul Scarfone, Personal Finance Coach

Meet Your personal finance coach

Hi, I’m Paul Scarfone, your Personal Finance Coach. If you came here because you aren’t satisfied with your personal finances, I understand how you feel. In fact, I worried about money for years. We lived paycheck to paycheck with debt mounting. Since we’ve discovered how to work together as a couple and began to understand our relationship to money, we’ve been able to break free of our money myths, create good habits together and finally live free. I became so convinced of the power of this work to change people’s lives for the better that I quit my job in the financial sector of 15 years and became a Finance Coach.

Hear from others

Here’s how some of my clients have replaced their money myths with truth and created new, healthy money habits

Paul has helped us tremendously in taking back control of our finances. He removed a lot of the fears of budgeting and gave us practical tools that fit our lifestyle and schedule. He was understanding, patient, and explained things in a way that worked for us.
D.C. & L.C.
Mid-30s Married Couple | Priorities: Growing Family and New Home Purchase | 4 Month Coaching Plan
Paul was great to work with! I felt confident leaving our meetings & motivated to do my best implementing all I learned. I now have the confidence and freedom I was hoping for when it comes to dealing with finances. Paul makes what can be an uncomfortable conversation about money approachable & stress-free.
Mid-20s Single Professional | 3 Month Coaching Plan
Paul is a great listener and met us where we were in our financial planning. The scheduled meetings helped us stay accountable. We are in a much better place with our planning for our retirement and could not have imagined a better coach than Paul.
K.S. & T.S.
Late 50s Married Couple | Priority: Retirement planning | 4+ Months Coaching Plan
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